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Things To Do in Thomasville

With our friendly staff as your area guides, you’ll discover so many exciting things to do in Thomasville, AL, and the surrounding areas. Whether you want to spend a day cruising along the Alabama River or you have business at one of the mills close by, Hometown Inn USA keeps you close to the action. Let us show you cool and interesting places to visit, and make sure to ask us about our favorite local restaurants.

Things to Do in Thomasville, AL

Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Local Playground, 0.7 miles
  • Alabama River, 22.3 miles
  • Miller’s Ferry, 33.1 miles
  • Orrville Farmer’s Market, 39.2 miles

Local Dining

  • David’s Catfish House, .33 miles
  • Big Mike’s Steakhouse, .6 miles
  • 3 Guy’s Pies, .82 miles

Area Corporations

  • Louisiana Pacific Paper Mill (Thomasville, AL), 5.8 miles
  • Scotch Lumber (Fulton, AL), 13 miles
  • International Paper Mill, 19.5 miles
  • Boise Paper (Jackson, AL), 33.2 miles
  • Boise Cascade (Jackson, AL), 33.8 miles
  • Georgia Pacific Paper Mill (Pennington, AL), 36.5 miles
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